5 Diablo Cosplayers You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of

The Diablo series is easily one of the most recognizable gaming franchises on PC, and only became more popular with the jump to home consoles with the release of Diablo 3. The idea of becoming a hero to fight the devil himself really struck a chord with gamers, and has lead to tons of amazing artwork, fan fiction, and of course, cosplay. This week we are focusing on those cosplayers who have fought their way to Hell and back, and have the armor to prove it. So grab your swords and get your spells ready, it’s time to see some amazing Diablo inspired cosplays.

Crusader as Portrayed by Dovah Design

Photography by Dim Horizon Studio



Wizard as Portrayed by Lolita Bot

Photography by P:M Photography



Demon Hunter as Portrayed by Fenvaria Cosplay

Photography by Jürgen Matt



Witch Doctor as Portrayed by Methyl Ethyl Cosplay

Photography by Michael Mac Photography



Barbarian as Portrayed by Adrestia Cosplay

Photography by Twitchen’s Cos-Tography



Cosplay requires so much work, from the design concept, to finding the perfect spot to shoot, these cosplayers put so much effort into what they do. And we appreciate every one that we see, which is why every week Bonus Level Gaming puts together galleries of those cosplay folks who aren’t as well known as some of the big names out there. So if you see a cosplay you really enjoy, then you can click on their name to be taken directly to their Facebook page to see more amazing work. And if you want to see even more cosplay, then be sure to check out our gallery from another Blizzard game, World of Warcraft! If you, or someone you know, is an up and coming cosplayer, and would like to be featured in an upcoming article, or on our Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr, then let us know! You can reach us via Facebook or by clicking the “Contact” button on the page. And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for all the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!


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