Well Known Twitch Streamer Passes Away During Live Stream

   He died doing something he loved.

Brian and his son Gavin. Via Facebook


Popular  Twitch streamer Brian “Poshyrid” Vigneault passed away on February 19th after streaming for almost a full 24 hour period to help raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Brian was one of many streamers and content creators who played video games as a way to help raise money for charities of all kinds, but unfortunately, this stream ended in the worst way possible.


Poshybrid Logo

Poshybrid was known for playing World of Tanks, and quite often would do extremely long streams, claiming he was part of #TeamNoSleep. During the stream, Brian took a short break off camera, and never came back. Followers naturally believed that the streamer had simply fallen asleep due to the late hour, and eventually the stream died off. Fans on Discord later discovered that Brian had passed away during that break, when they messaged him and got a response from the Virginia Police Department, who informed them that they were investigating a man’s death. Brian was 35 years old, and leaves behind three children.



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