This 80 Year Old “Skyrim Grandma” Is what We All Aspire to Be When We Are Older

It’s time to go for a stroll through Skyrim with Grandma Shirley


Skyrim has captured the hearts of gamers across the world, and players of all ages enjoy it, literally. Shirley Curry is an “80 year old grandmother and gamer” according to her Twitter account, and is a big fan of open world games she can explore. This is what led Grandma to upload her first video on Youtube a year ago, where she calmly made her way through Bleak Falls Barrow and discussed how she plays as a Khajiit because she enjoys roaming the land and selling stuff to people like a nomadic merchant. Despite being terrible with the bow, and having trouble using lockpicks, Shirley maintains a very happy composure while on her adventures.


Over time, Grandma Shirley’s popularity has risen, with over 237 thousand followers, and nearly 500 videos uploaded. Open world games are her favorite, with videos uploaded of gameplay through Skyrim, the wasteland of Fallout, and even No Mans Sky (despite some of the negativity surrounding the game). Shirley has embraced the culture of gaming, being gifted with freebies from Logitech and even getting to visit PaxEast this year, and hanging out with the folks over at Bethesda. If you haven’t seen her videos, you can watch the first one below, and consider subscribing, you know you’ve always wanted a Grandma as cool as Shirley.

Are you still going to be gaming when you are 80? What games would you want to watch Grandma Shirley play? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And if you want to see more awesome Skyrim content, then don’t forget to check out 10 Skyrim Cosplayers You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of. And Don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!



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