How to Enter Dark Souls 3 “The Ringed City” DLC

Prepare to Die… A lot!


The final DLC of the Dark Souls franchise is finally here, and Fromsoft is intending to go out with a blast. From what we have seen within the first 15 minutes of exploring the Ringed City we can safely say that this journey is going to require patience. There are surprises around every corner, from above and below, as well as a plethora of dark magic casters. One piece of advice is this, beware the items you see. Almost every item will come at a price, with crumbling floors hiding lengthy falls, and enemies that drop down on you, or attempt to drag you below ground. The Ringed City promises to keep you on your toes.


Entering the DLC is fairly straight forward, with the entrance not being particularly hard to find, but does require you to be at the end of the game or to have played through the first DLC, Ashes of Ariandel. Players can access the DLC by going to the back of the chamber where the Lady Friede is fought, or once you have defeated the Lords of Cinder and placed them upon their thrones, you will gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame. It is here that players will find a second bonfire which teleports them to the Dreg Heap. wp-1490670159223.png
Once inside the heap, players will encounter the murkmen, thin man shaped creatures who will crawl and attack you with scythes, as well as cast dreg magic from a distance. It appears that these murkmen may be hollows who have been corrupted by the magic of the Deep, but that is speculation. Players will also encounter Lothric Knights who’s armour is wrapped in tendrils, and are stronger than knights found within Lothric castle in the base game. This does not account for the giant monsters who resemble Human Effigies from Dark Souls 2, or the angel like creature who follows you throughout the area, shooting magic beams. Players should note that they can access the DLC before or after having defeated the Lord of Cinder, assuming they don’t enter into NG+ immediately. The DLC can also be accessed on any NG+ level.

Have you played the DLC yet gamers? What is your most difficult experience so far? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more! Thanks for reading!


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