Dark Souls 3 Gives Players the Challenge we have Always Wanted

Big Bosses mean Big Glory!


Gaming is an adventure, we get to be the hero, and save the world, and in a lot of games and stories, heroes fight dragons. Unfortunately, no game has every given us that truly satisfying dragon fight that we have craved. This desire to slay dragons is a big part of why gamers flocked to Skyrim in 2011, seeking to bring dragons out of the sky with the power of the Thu’um. While adventuring through the frozen wastes was fun (even for 80 year old women) and made for an incredible game, the dragons became mundane after the first few encounters. Every fight boiled down to shooting arrows into the sky until you unlocked the Dragonrend shout, which made the fights even easier, to the point of seeing a dragon would make you hide, not because you were scared, but because you didn’t want to waste the five minutes it would take to slay the creature. But one game series has succeeded where so many others have failed.

The Dark Souls series is known for being difficult, basically spawning a sub genre of “git gud” memes, but more than that, it’s known for it’s incredible boss fights. Throughout the Souls series, there have been a lot of rage inducing fights with game mechanics that change from boss to boss. Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls 1 threw me personally for a loop the first time I walked in and discovered I had to fight not one boss, but two, at the same freakin time! Admittedly that fight, and many others since, caused me to drop my controller and walk away for a few days. But none of the bosses in any Souls game, or any other game can match what Fromsoft gave us in the final DLC for Dark Souls 3.


Midir is the dragon we have been waiting for. A creature lost in darkness, driven mad by time, and with a purpose far more satisfying than being a storyline plot point. The fight against Midir is completely optional, but you can see the great dragon all through the Ringed City, sitting on mountain tops watching, breathing fire on the player as they try to explore, and even blocking off the stone bridge which leads to the final boss. Every time you encounter this monster you get more and more hyped up to fight him, and when the time comes you fall into his cave and take him on man against dragon…. And then you die. Midir is everything a dragon should be, he attacks with his claws, his tail, teeth, and even fire and magic. This is a fight that pulls no punches at all, using everything in his power to destroy those who invade his home. I won’t pretend that I didn’t rage against this boss a couple of times, but eventually I did come out victorious. That victory was the most satisfying thing I have felt in a long time, because I felt mighty. I was truly a dragon slayer and I felt every bit as powerful as my character on screen. For that, I say thank you FromSoft for the amazing fight. And even though this is the end of the Dark Souls story, we are all eagerly awaiting the next adventure.






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