My Biggest Complaint about Halo 5

I have been a Halo fan since the original Halo: Combat Evolved came out on Xbox (give me a break, I can’t afford a gaming PC). Ever since then I have done my part to fill the Master Chief’s boots, and prove myself worthy of wearing the Mjolnir armor. I played the original three games loyally, played the spin offs, and even stayed a fan after that horrible ending to Halo 4. I’ve read all the books, studied the lore, and enjoyed every aspect of the Halo universe, the good and the bad. I recently started to replay Halo 5, and while I enjoy the game quite a bit, I do have one major complaint.


A lot of people have complained about various aspects of the story, as well as discussing how terrible the A.I can be, and I remember some folks complaining that 5 allowed players to actually aim down the sites, which in hindsight, was the most ridiculous complaint I’ve ever heard. But my complaint goes beyond all of that, and is probably due to my devotion to the lore, and here is what it is. I can’t stand how “action movie”-esque the cut scenes in this game are. The story circles around two teams, Spartan Blue Team, and Spartan team Osiris. Blue Team are Spartan 2’s, they have literally trained to be proper soldiers since they were six years old, and Osiris is a team of Spartan 4’s, who were chosen from the military elite, the best of the best. This means that these Spartans should know how to fight as soldiers do. In the opening scene of the game, we see Osiris team fall from orbit, trusting only their armor to protect them, and then proceed to have a very action packed run down a mountain literally jumping and flying through the air like they are kung fu masters. While this scene is incredibly cool, it is so incorrect when you look at the lore. Remember in Halo 2, whenever the Master Chief dropped to the surface from orbit in a drop pod? That made sense, he landed, grabbed his gear and proceeded to fight in a rational way. There was no flying kicks through the air or anything like that. And I know that, as gamers, we send the Spartans jumping around like weirdos, climbing over things that really shouldn’t be climbed over, and generally being dumb but having fun. That makes sense, because most gamers aren’t trained soldiers. They aren’t trained to find cover and fight from a optimal firing position. But Spartans are, and each game has gotten worse about it, turning the life time soldiers into ridiculous flying monkeys basically.


When it boils down to it, gamers enjoy that action feeling, we all want to be a super hero who can fight any monster one on one, and I am just like that. It’s so cool to see Spartans doing these incredible stunts that your normal marines can’t do, but my nerd needed to speak, and now I feel a little better. I’ve always been a Halo fan, and while I may not be thrilled with some of the changes I have seen, I will finish the fight. With that being said, I have to go shoot some more alien bastards in the face. Hoo-rah!


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