CoD 4: Remastered to be Released as a Standalone Title

“Coming first to PS4!”


One of the big draws for a lot of players when buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the bundled package of Cod 4:Remastered along side it. Considering how harshly fans downvoted the trailer for Cod: IW, as well as the extreme criticisms of the game, it seems likely that the only reason it made any money at all was because of the bundled package. While this was a smart business tactic initially, many gamers refused to spend the money for a game they had no interest in, only to get a remastered version of a different game. This, tied in with the hype surrounding Call of Duty: World War 2, it made sense for Activision to finally cave in.


Using the official Call of Duty Twitter account, Activision and Infinity Ward announced today that Cod4Remastered would release as a standalone title on June 27th. It will be available as a digital download, as well as having physical disks released to retailers. We still do not know if players who own the game digitally through the special bundles will still require the IW disk or not, but we will update you as that information becomes available.

Will you be buying the remastered classic gamers? OR are you just going to wait for Call of Duty WW2? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook for all the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more! Thanks for reading!


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