Fan-Made Halo Game “Installation 01” Receives the Green Light from 343 Industries

Completely not for profit of course


Installation 01 is the Halo game you have never heard of. It is a fan made multiplayer Halo game designed by a team of Halo fans that aims to give us the feel of old school Halo back. Specifically designed to run on PC, the games official website boasts that “It can run smoothly on even some of the lowest-end hardware while still looking beautiful on high-end machines.”


As we know from previous fan made games being shut down (Looking at you Nintendo) some developers tend to be pretty touchy about their intellectual properties being used. With this in mind, the folks behind Installation 01 have spent months trying to touch base with 343i, with little success. Luckily though, they were finally blessed with a response, and took to their web page to share the good news. 343i has officially sanctioned the creation of Installation 01, as long as the team agrees to a few legal precedents first. Mainly among these is the fact that no money can be made from the game, this includes paid betas, selling any kind of merchandise, or accepting any kind of donations related to the game.



It is rare to see a fan made game handled with such grace from both sides, with the team behind the game doing their best to abide by the rules, and the company willing to play along and allow this labor of love to be created. It’s refreshing to see, and hopefully this new game will not only be something incredible for everyone to enjoy, but also opens doors for the hardworking men and women behind the scenes. Good luck guys!



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