Titanfall Player Loses a Friend, Game Developer Responds

Who’s cutting onions in here?


It’s never easy losing a pet, but it helps having friends and community behind you to support you in your time of loss. So when well known Titanfall Youtuber Iniquity Games lost his dog Onyx in June, he shared that loss with the gaming community.


His fans and friends were quick to reach out, with fellow streamers sharing love on their own Twitch streams, as well as fans sharing stories and pictures of their own doggos in an effort to show solidarity and support. Eventually word of Iniquity’s loss reached the ears of Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment, who decided to do their part for a dedicated fan of their games and took to Reddit to announce this.


Onyx will live on forever watching over pilots as a specialized callsign banner. This banner will be part of a future DLC drop, and will be available for anyone to use at release. A small gesture, but it speaks volumes about how much Respawn cares about its fans and community. This isn’t the first time we have seen game companies honor fans who have experienced loss, but every time I hear something new about goodness and caring coming from strangers who’s only connection is sharing the bond of gaming, it makes me proud to be a gamer.

Created by Concept Artist Rodrigo Ribiero

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