Three Crazy Fan Theories About Pokemon Red and Blue

Back in 1995, Satoshi Tajiri had no idea what kind of global phenomenon his “Pocket Monsters” were going to be. Now, twenty two years later, Pokemon has become a beloved franchise for billions. The original Pokemon games have spawned dozens of games across multiple game systems, a long running TV series, and some incredible cosplays. But one thing most folks don’t think of when they discuss Pokemon is the abundance of fan theories behind the games. Everyone knows some of the more popular ones, like how we as the player killed our rivals Raticate in Pokemon Red/Blue, but digging around on the dark places of the internet (Reddit, I am referring mostly to Reddit) reveals some much more interesting theories. Lucky for you, I love getting down and dirty in the depths of the web, and have brought you three fan theories I found particularly interesting. Let’s get started…

Abra only knows Teleport because he is afraid of trainers.


Screenshot from the Pokemon Anime

Abra is a Pokemon who isn’t very intimidating. It has small stature and has no really useful attacks for being one of the earliest accessible psychic Pokemon. Many trainers only catch him to evolve to Kadabra or to help complete the Pokedex. In this way, Abra is mainly just used as a means to an end, so it makes sense that he may be afraid of trainers who come looking for him. Using his psychic abilities, Abra can see into a trainers mind and, fearing what he sees as a life of being used, he runs away from danger using his Teleport ability. Eventually if captured, Abra will come to love and trust his trainer, only to evolve, and then be traded away to a stranger so he is forced to evolve again. More than most Pokemon, Abra is obtained simply because of his abilities, especially in Red and Blue, as he is one of few psychic Pokemon available. This means a lifetime of being forced to fight, and probably being used to defeat the Fighting Dojo in Saffron city, so we can obtain a Hitmonchan, then being stored in the PC forever. That doesn’t sound like a life I would want to live, so I can’t say I blame the poor little guy for being afraid. Bet you feel like a jerk now, don’t you?


Your Rival joined Team Rocket!


A major mechanic of the games is the inclusion of a Rival. Normally your rival is perceived as a someone who’s main motivation is to beat you and become the Pokemon  champion, but what if that wasn’t their only motivation? In Pokemon R/B, you come across Blue (your rival) several times throughout the game, but the placement of these encounters is never fully explained, other than “we are both towards the Pokemon league, but this fan theory has a different explanation. When you meet up with Blue in Cerulean City, he is coming down from a bridge full of trainers, and tells us that he just visited Bill. We later find out that this bridge is really a recruitment tool for finding people to join Team Rocket. Naturally we decline this invitation because, duh! We are the good guys! But what if Blue didn’t turn it down? What if Blue accepted and joined Team Rocket? This would explain how Bill was turned into a Pokemon when you go to meet him, Blue’s first mission was to confront Bill and steal his ticket for the S.S Anne, and he accomplished this mission by forced Bill into his machine, thus turning him into a Pokemon. Fast forward to when you visit the Anne, and you meet a detective who tells you “I’m on the trail of Team Rocket!”, and yet, there is no sign of Team Rocket on the ship. So it is possible that he is trailing Blue, who we know is on the ship, and who we battle on the way to the ship captain. We later see Blue at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, which, surprise! Team Rocket is there as well. Now all of these can be contributed to following the same path to achieve all the gym badges and challenging the League, but why is Blue inside the Silph Co.? We next meet Blue in the last room before warping to face the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. He tells us that he is simply waiting and assumed we would show up, but how would he know we were after Team Rocket unless they told him specifically? This along side the fact that Blue is the last challenge before meeting Giovanni, suggests that he was assigned to wait there as a defensive measure. As an added measure, Blue takes over the Viridian City gym after Giovanni disappears, which suggests ties to the evil Team as well. But why is Blue so bitter towards the player? Is it because we were chosen to help Professor Oak? Or perhaps Blue is jealous simply because….


The players character comes from a rich family.


The character Red (the player) is one of very few people we encounter in the world who trains Pokemon as an adventure, devoting all of his time to the journey. Other trainers we encounter usually only have two or three Pokemon, all of which follow a theme such as trainers in the Viridian forest only having bug Pokemon or Hikers having strong Fighting or Rock type Pokemon. Meanwhile, Reds mom sits at home in a quiet town on the ocean, relaxing and doing whatever it is single women do with their down time. So how is it, that a single mom can afford a nice two story house without working, while her son devotes all of his time and money to being a Pokemon trainer? They are rich! Pallet Town is a small quiet town of ocean front property, with few neighbors, the kind of place rich people go to retire, not to mention the fact that the family is good friends with a world famous Pokemon Professor. Add to this that Red is given the choice of three extremely rare Pokemon to choose from to start his journey, Pokemon that your average trainer may never see. He is given this choice, because of his families connections. Most people in the world have a few Pokemon as a hobby, because they have to work and live their lives. They don’t have time to travel the world for fun, much less pursue a career as a professional Pokemon trainer, that’s the kind of silly thing only rich people can get away with.


What do you think gamers? Which Pokemon theory is your favorite? And if you would like to see more fan theories from Pokemon or whatever your favoirite game series is, then let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook and Tumblr for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!







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