Who would win, Noble Team or Fireteam Osiris?

One debate I have seen pop up multiple times in the Halo community is this, Who would win? The Spartan IIIs of Noble Team, or Fireteam Osiris composed of Spartan 4’s? I personally love debating things like this, especially when it comes to my favorite game series, Halo. Unfortunately, almost every discussion I see is less of a debate, and more of a fan boy contest about which game was better. So I decided to break it down and offer my thoughts on the matter.


First of all, I would assume that this theoretical fight would be a somewhat structured, in that both teams would be sent to a single location, and assigned targets, which would be the opposing team. Other than that, there are rules of engagement, and nothing else. So first, I thought about the numbers difference. Noble Team in composed of six Spartans, Carter, Jun, Emile, Kat, George, and Noble 6. Fireteam Osiris is composed of four Spartan-4’s, Locke, Buck, Tanaka, and Vale. So right off the bat, Noble has the advantage, with a squad composed of five S3’s and George who is a Spartan 2. Next however, we need to look at the equipment used. All Spartans are trained to use any kind of conventional weapon including mines, grenades, rifles and Covenant weapons, but the primary difference here is in the armor. The Spartan 3’s were designed to be cheaper all around, this includes their armor. S3’s are equipped with Semipowered Infiltration armor, or SPI. SPI armor does come with energy shielding, but is simply not designed to endure a lot of damage, especially not compared to what the Spartan 4’s are using. Unfortunately, even if the 3’s wanted better armor, their physical augmentations were not designed to withstand the power of the Mjolnir armor worn by the Spartan 2’s and 4’s. The obvious exception to this is Jorge, who is a Spartan 2, and wears a variant of Mjolnir armor. Fireteam Osiris is the latest generation of Spartan, who are physically augmented to be able to wear Mjolnir, and have the latest variants of the armor which has been greatly improved upon over time and thanks to the data acquired but Spartan 2’s using it for years.


Next, I want to look at the Spartans themselves. Thanks to communications about Noble Team from the official Bungie website, we know that the average age of S3’s in Noble team is around 25 since they come from Alpha and Beta companies both. Spartan three training begins at around 6 years old and start deployment at the age of 12, we surmise that they have about 6 years of training, and 13 years of actual field experience, primarily against the Covenant, again Jorge is the exception to this, who has approximately 36 years of combined training and field work. With the S4’s, we don’t have access to their service records, so we can’t say for certain how much time they have spent fighting, but we do know Locke is 29, Buck is 48, Tanaka is 29, and Vale is 22. Assuming each of them enlisted at 18, then they have 63 years of experience between them, compared to the 95 years combined between the S3’s. Before becoming Spartans, the four members of Osiris had military backgrounds as well, Locke and Vale were both ONI agents, Tanaka was a member of the UNSC Army, and Buck was an ODST Marine.

Breaking it down by the years of experience tells us that both teams would be sufficiently skilled at neutralizing the other, although the S3’s would have the advantage there as well, considering they have more experience person to person, except against Buck, who boasts 30 years of being a Helljumper, the best of the best before Spartans were created. So in the three categories, the Spartan III’s of Noble team have the advantage in two of them, having more squad members as well as more actual experience fighting against the Covenant. But Fireteam Osiris has the technological advantage with the superior Mjolnir armor, as well as having one other thing that Noble Team doesn’t. The S4’s were trained to fight with the bare minimum. Before they were Spartans, Osiris learned how to fight as normal, unenhanced humans, with basic body armor and their own wits to protect them.

In my personal opinion, I believe that Osiris would win. Noble Team is composed of Alpha and Beta companies, who were the original class of S3’s. This means that because the S3’s were trained to be suicide soldiers. They were taught to finish the mission, even if it meant dying in the process which was a completely new way of fighting. This would indicate that they may not have had the best training available to them. While this is heroic and and very noble, it tells us that the Spartan Threes are willing to throw their life away to complete a mission, where as the S4’s know the importance of living to fight another day, and may not take as many risks. This would also make Noble more prone to falling into any kind of traps Osiris may set. But that’s just one guys opinion, and I would love to hear yours! Let me know what you think in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook and Tumblr for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay and more! Thanks for reading!


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