Three Crazy Super Mario Fan Theories You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

Everyone knows the famous Mushroom Kingdom plumber, and billions of people worldwide have enjoyed playing his games. Be it side scrolling, the jump to 3d worlds, playing sports and planning parties with his friends or even flying through space, Mario has enjoyed a lot of adventures in his day. But one thing about gamers, we never take things at face value when it comes to our favorite video games. We like to look at the lore, we like to solve puzzles in and out of the game, and we develop theories about what’s happening behind the scenes. Is Peach really Bowser Jr’s mother? Is Luigi truly a super powered monster who has to be kept in check? We may never know the answer for sure, but it’s a lot of fun to discuss, so I have compiled a list of three rather outrageous fan theories for fans around the world to debate over. Let’s-a go!


Mario is not one single person.


There is no denying that Mario has been around the block at far as jobs go. His most well known position is that of a Princess saving plumber, but he has also been a Doctor, a Psychiatrist, a boxing referee, and many more. So how’s it possible that one guy could be a professional at all of these individual jobs? What if it isn’t one guy, but a whole line of people? Our first fan theory is that when a Mario gets too old or gets burned out by his adventures, he then hands the hat and overalls over to someone new, who then adopts the mantle of Mario. This theory definitely has some holes to it, but it’s an interesting concept, and allows plenty of room for debate and (civilized) discussion with friends. But if there is a line of Mario’s, what possesses each new individual to accept what is clearly not a very easy life? Maybe they get some power out of it….


Gold coins are the physical embodiment of souls.


Coins are a simple mechanic in the game, you collect a hundred of them, you get another life. How does this work though? One fan theory is that the golden coins are actually the souls of living creatures given form. This is given credence by the fact that in Super Mario Bro’s, we know that Bowser trapping Toads by turning them into bricks right? You find these bricks all throughout the levels, and when you smash one, you get a coin. Now this wouldn’t make since considering that’s supposed to be an actual person (or Toad, whatever you get the point) but why wouldn’t Toad come out when you break his prison? Because he was killed when you smashed the brick, all that’s left is his soul; you destroyed his body which has been turned into a brick. These phenomena can also be seen when you use a fire flower and throw fireballs at enemies. The enemy body is destroyed, and a coin is left in its place. What other explanation could there be for coins spouting out of actual living bodies? This also plays into how when you collect a hundred coins, you get a life. Simple game mechanic, or are you literally absorbing the souls of your enemies to make yourself stronger? Didn’t realize Super Mario could be so dark did you?


Mario Kart Tournaments are designed around Rainbow Road.


This fan theory isn’t nearly as morbid, but also makes slightly less sense. It’s still fun to think about though. In every Super Mario kart game, the Rainbow Road track is at the end of the game, you have to work your way towards it. Some fans have come to believe that this is because the whole idea of kart racing is because of Rainbow Road. Imagine yourself as Mario, sitting and staring at the stars in the Mushroom Kingdom one night, and you notice something peculiar. There is a huge track made entirely out of rainbows in the stars. Seeing as Mario is one who never turns down adventure, he gathers his friend’s together to figure out a way to explore this strange road in the sky. Eventually kart racing is decided upon. Eventually everyone in the kingdom gets in on the idea, and a tournament is formed. If we believe that this event occurs at intervals (every five years for example) then it’s possible that it becomes an almost religious tradition for the people of the Mushroom Kingdom. This would explain why heroes and villains come together and drive bumper to bumper in these games, and why more characters are added every game, because every game is a new interval where Rainbow Road has appeared. It could also help to explain why these characters that are normally opposed to each other can come together and enjoy parties and sports, because they bond over their mutual excitement of seeing what new shape Rainbow Road is going to take.


Which is your favorite fan theory gamers? Last week we brought you Three Crazy Fan Theories About the Pokemon universe, and I plan on doing more on various video games. So what game would you like to see some fan theories on? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow Bonus Level Gaming on Facebook and Tumblr for the latest in gaming news, memes, cosplay, and more! Thanks for reading!





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