Cosplayer Patreon Photos are Being Leaked on Reddit

Cosplay is fun, it’s a hobby that brings together all of the nerds from Anime, movies, and video games. Men and women who bring those characters to life are an integral part of the community and something we can all appreciate. While a lot of cosplayers are happy to keep their cosplay art as a hobby, others have turned it into a stream of revenue thanks to services like Patreon and the selling of prints. Unfortunately, everything good must be taken advantage of, especially on the internet, and this is true for cosplayers all the same.


Reddit allows for members of the community to come together and share what they love, discussions on fan theories, incredible gaming moments, and pictures of their favorite cosplayers. A search of “Cosplay” will turn up several subreddits dedicated to the art, including those which are dedicated to specific cosplayers. While there is nothing wrong with sharing information which is freely given on the internet, I have come across a sub that is dedicated to sharing that which is NOT freely given, and that is the subreddit called r/PatreonGirls (Very NSFW). PatreonGirls describes its self as “ a place to share all content related to girls from Patreon and helps narrows down which creator you want to support and if they are worthy of your support.” While this seems noble enough at face value, it really is nothing more than people who have paid for the Patreon subscription sharing photos with those who haven’t. The sub is also full of people who will request leaks from various cosplayers, looking at the page right now, there are requests for the Patreon leaks of Katyuska Moonfox, Momokun Cosplay, and KayBear Cosplay, to name a few.


We all love cosplay, and paying for subscriptions may be a hassle, but that does not give you free permission to beg for it on the internet. This is effectively stealing, and should not be encouraged or tolerated by the community. Some major names in are aware of the subreddit as indicated by one of the pinned posts, but the majority of cosplayers would never be any wiser about the situation. There are ways to help protect yourself from people like this, so if you are a cosplayer and are considering setting up a Patreon, please don’t let this discourage you, just be sure to look into how to protect yourself effectively!


If you are a small cosplayer who would like to be featured on Bonus Level Gaming’s Facebook or Tumblr, please let us know! And you might even be considered for one of our monthly cosplay galleries based on different video games each month. You can email us through the contact button on this page, or by messaging us on Facebook. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Cosplayer Patreon Photos are Being Leaked on Reddit”

  1. Not sure if you were aware, but being given or asking to be given something someone else has paid for isn’t stealing. You can certainly feel that it isn’t fair what they are doing, but that’s all it is, a feeling. There are plenty of cosplayers who don’t care about their fans and lie about what content they are providing on patreon. Unlike a normal business if they were to lie long enough they would go out of business, but since a lot of these girls are selling sex they won’t. These girls are aware they are selling sex and won’t change because it brings in the almighty dollar.


  2. Do prostitutes have any kind of rights? They sell NUDES for money. That is prostitution in a less serious way than outside, but it still is. They are just delusional about it and tell themselves they are something “normal” or “better”. They are not. Just cheap people offering their, partially not even good looking, body for money.


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