Rainbow Six Siege Shouldn’t Have Waifus

The internet is a wonderful thing for gaming, allowing us to not only game with people around the world, but also to discuss our favorites with complete strangers without fear of judgment. When you combine the internet with games like Overwatch(or anything from Japan really) then you are sure to find discussions about people’s “Waifu’s”. Now, a Waifu is a fictional female character (usually from a game or anime) that an individual likes. As in “likes likes”, as in, you’re all perverts. But the truth is that some games DO make their characters extremely sexualized. (looking at you Fire Emblem… Making the player characters sister extremely hot. What is wrong with you?!) Sex sells, even when it’s fictional characters apparently.


I personally can understand why these things happen, and I’m not one to judge on peoples personal choices. But I have found one particular group of fans who are over sexualizing characters in a game that really isn’t sexual in any sense of the word, and that is fans of Rainbow Six Siege.  There are 10 female playable characters in Rainbow Six Siege, and none of them are sexualized. Every operator in the game is designed to get a job done, stop the terrorists and teabag the enemy when you win, but fans of this game have still picked their favorites and claimed their “waifu”. And have you seen the fan art to follow this game? If you haven’t and you’re curious, just know, it gets weird. Characters like IQ are somehow sexualized in the minds of the fans, which just doesn’t make sense to me.

Drawn by AidenCousland on Deviantart

The only thing worse than some of the art work for Rainbow Six’s female characters? The fanart of the male characters!

Seamus “Sledge” Cowden by WobblyG on Deviantart
“Stormy Blackbeard” drawn by Zeigelzieg on Deviantart
“Reacting to Rainbow Six: Siege Rule 34” drawn by b2009 on Deviantart

If it’s not completely obvious, this article is satire, written entirely in the hopes of amusing people. Don’t harass people online for what they like or what kind of content they create. We are all a little weird, and a little perverse, and that’s ok!


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