Mercy is NOT Getting Nerfed Yet

Blizzard is always making changes to its incredibly popular first person shooter, Overwatch. These changes usually include minor tweaks to characters, maps, or game modes, the most recent (and most substantial) has come in the form of the healer Mercy, which completely changed her ultimate ability, and changed how she plays in game. Before the change, Mercy could use her ultimate ability to resurrect her whole team, which made her a bit overpowered. With the recent changes, Mercy can now revive one team mate every thirty seconds, which has made her more versatile and more fun for many people to play. This also changed her Ultimate to an ability called Valkyrie, which gives her unlimited ammo and increased healing for a limited time, as well as increasing her healing ability and reducing her Rez cooldown.

In a post on the official Overwatch Forums, Community Manager Josh Engen announced that they would be nerfing Mercy’s Ultimate ability, which will no longer reduce the cool down of Resurrect upon activation.  Many fans responded quite negatively to this change, which prompted an official response from Overwatch’s Principal Designer Geoff Goodman after only a few hours. In his response to the initial post, Goodman explains “These Mercy changes are purely something that we’re experimenting with, and there will likely be more changes coming to try out.” What this means is that the changes to Mercy are on the PTR (Public Test Region) currently, so some PC gamers are testing out the new Mercy, but these are simply the first draft of what is to come for Mercy 2.0, and will not be put on Quick Play or Competitive any time soon.


One thing that is worth pointing out is this, the changes to Mercy have completely altered how she plays, which is a pretty big thing to mess with, especially over a year after the game was released. Mercy is basically a new character, and as we have seen with the other new characters who have been released (remember how OP Doomfist was on release?) there are going to be some tweaks and changes to be made to keep the game as balanced as possible. So don’t panic that you won’t be able to play Mercy anymore, her changes are being worked out very slowly and carefully and the developers are listening to your feedback! So keep on enjoying this awesome game, and do your best to help build this community up out of the toxicity that we have all dealt with. Toxicity is something that can’t be patched, so let’s all work on it together, shall we?



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