Mass Effect: Annihilation Author Responds to Threats and Backlash

Mass Effect: Andromeda was a pretty hard flop much to fans dismay, with the studio behind it being shut down, and EA announcing that there would be no more DLC at all. Fans have been less than impressed from the very beginning with the plethora of issues, from facial animations to poor writing, but with the announcement of the newest novel in the Mass Effect universe, Mass Effect: Annihilation fans really began to lose it. When the announcement was made via Twitter, fans responded with rather tame accusations of the new book simply being a “cash grab” to much more malicious threat of assault and harassment against the author of the book, Catherynne Valente. While Twitter was quick to handle these aggressive users, the threats and backlash did not go unnoticed. While EA has simply ignored it (which is becoming a trend it would seem with the company) Miss Valente decided to respond in her own way via Reddit.


As anyone who actively uses Reddit can tell you, this news hit there almost immediately after it was made public on the official /r/masseffect subreddit, where it was pinned to the top of the page and discussed. This is where Catherynne Valente chose to make her stand, where she replied to the post and quickly become the top voted comment. In her post, the author explains that she is a huge fan of the series, and in no way chose to write the book as part of any kind of “cash grab”. She explains how Bioware had actually planned for a book to be written over two years ago while the game was still in development, which is when she was hired to write it, and explains that “…it was always planned, simply delayed for reasons I know you’re all aware of…” Contrary to the response she received on Twitter, fans were eager to engage with the writer and began to ask her questions about the book, her other works, and some really important questions such as who her romance options in game was, and which Mass Effect was her favorite (it’s 2 by the way). The positive response was incredible to watch, and definitely helped assuage the frustrations of fans that were able to read the whole conversation.


I personally have enjoyed the Mass Effect universe immensely, including the books, and am eager to read what Valente has to say about the subject of the Quarians and how the space nomads will fit into the Andromeda Galaxy.  I would have loved to be a part of the universe myself, but seeing Valente’s enthusiasm, I can safely say that I will be picking this book up the first chance I get.

Mass Effect: Annihilation will release on June 26th, 2018 in North America.


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