Shinuki Cosplay Stalked Due to Patreon Photos Being Leaked Online

Video games and cosplay go hand in hand, with thousands of interesting characters to choose from, it’s a cosplay playground. This is taken even further with services like Patreon which allow for fans to support their favorite cosplayers through donation tiers. Many cosplayers take advantage of this and offer a plethora of rewards for higher paying tiers, including offering nude or “lewd” cosplays as high dollar rewards. We recently brought attention to a subreddit called r/PatreonGirls where fans come together to share these photos that they paid for with others who haven’t.  While this is reprehensible, it hasn’t truly become a problem until now.


The cosplayer Shinuki, who has been most well known for her cosplay of 2B from Neir: Automata has shut down all of her social media today including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has updated her Patreon page to say “shinuki is creating pretty much nothing” and even has a plain black background as her profile picture. She explains her actions in the only post left on her Patreon, which is directed towards those fans who have been leaking her Patreon photos on Reddit and other sites. The post explains that the leaks of her photos have lead to ridicule and harassment from her home country, and even encouraged stalkers to find out her real name and stalk her on social media. She goes on to explain that she will not be continuing with any kind of cosplay for the foreseeable future, and attributes this to the depression that has followed her online harassment.


While this post is very aggressive and accusatory towards her Patreon’s primarily, it is an understandable reaction, and highlights one of the biggest issues with Patreon and the internet in general. There is no way to really secure this kind of content, and unfortunately what they say is true, “once it’s on the internet, it never goes away”. Patreon is making changes to their policy of allowing nudity, which has always been allowed as long as it was in an artistic sense like cosplaying a character, however these changes may be beneficial to avoid issues like Shinuki has faced in the future. Although there is no denying that many cosplayers will lose revenue by not being allowed to show off more sexualized cosplays., given the kind of harassment that is happening, that may not be a bad thing. What do you think gamers? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook! And if you would like your cosplay to be featured as part of Bonus Level Gamings Cosplay a Day feature, then don’t hesitate to shoot us a message on Facebook or you can email us here through the contact button below!


2 thoughts on “Shinuki Cosplay Stalked Due to Patreon Photos Being Leaked Online”

  1. Frankly, i find it hard to believe that she was surprised by this. She got stalked and everything and referenced herself as a piece of meat, but by offering nudes on her Patreon, she was catering to the kinds of people who would in fact view her like that. It’s one thing if you are comfortable with your body and unashamed of taking the pictures, but if you don’t want them leaked, don’t offer them for monetization. I will say that the stalking is bad, but that is also just a side effect of lewd business. Not a good side effect, but one she should have expected and prepared for. It’s a right shame, as she is a fantastic cosplayer, but it can’t be helped. Let it be a message to all cosplayer a to only post photos they wouldn’t mind going viral.


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